Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Press Release - Tall Tales for Shorter Days


Bindlegrim Book Tells Tall Tales of American Kitsch and Horror

Holiday-centric circles will identify the Bindlegrim name with retro-style art including two illustrated books “The Pumpkin Dream: A Cautionary Tale” and “Grim Happy Christmas”. With publication of a third, Robert Aaron Wiley explores the power of words alone to convey vivid imagery of the innocent and the gruesome, in six stories of humor and frights for the year-round reader.

Vintage Halloween ghost promotes new book - collected horror and fantasy by Bindlegrim (aka Robert Aaron Wiley)

Albuquerque, New Mexico: November 11, 2012 – Robert Aaron Wiley (creator of the fictional Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim) has released a new book of short stories and poetry “On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days”. The author's third book collects writings from the past two years, and expands a growing body of work concerning all things holiday that include limited edition postcards, books, commissioned works, and art-objects.

The haunted worlds found within the pages of “On Stranger Winds” will be a welcome addition to those accustomed to Bindlegrim’s frequent nods to holidays of yesteryear - (vintage collectors may even recognize scenes inspired directly from vintage postcards). As well, the writing will reach a larger audience of young and old alike who enjoy horror and fantasy adventure genres at any time of the year.

In the book’s Foreword, Daniel Boyer writes, “Either by fireplace in winter, or poolside in summer, you will be transported to a world where trees are decorated in gold and orange, and where darkness reigns supreme. There is happiness and humor to be found in such corners, but by all means proceed with caution. Bindlegrim has October’s heart beating in his chest.”

"On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days" is currently available from Amazon.com U.S. as quality paperback, 138 pages, at $7.95. And is also available in Europe including Amazon UK. Cover art is by David Irvine (The Gnarled Branch) and Foreword by Daniel Boyer of Critical Corner. A digital release is expected in early 2013.

About Bindlegrim (aka Robert Aaron Wiley)

The author cites examples like the mysterious kudzu-covered landscapes of an abandoned South as primary influences during youthful studies in fine art; a search for wonder that led him to relocate to Albuquerque and to Seattle, each for their rich support of cultural and artistic diversity. Pursuing fine art media and classical world music, the artist discovered a happier balance through the creation of recent alter ego Bindlegrim - outlet for whimsical exploration of seasonal holidays and their mix of curious imagery with inventive design.

For more information about "On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days", please visit www.bindlegrim.com or contact Bindlegrim Press at bumble@bindlegrim.com.


With cover art The Traveling Ghost by David Irvine, and foreword by Daniel Boyer, this new book by Bindlegrim offers both kitsch and horror

On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days by Bindlegrim author Robert Aaron Wiley is a short story and poetry collection featuring art by David Irvine and foreword by Daniel Boyer

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