Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grim Goods for a Halloween Trunk Show

A bit of last minute art from the Bindlegrim lab is making its way to the Halloween Trunk Show #9, in addition to all the original Spooklight characters (witch, devil, black cat and bogle) that will be available at the Bindlegrim booth. This time the German-style Jack O'Lanterns have taken center stage, attired in some early century garb.... for Harvest Moon (with versions of the artwork available on 4-sided pendant shades as well as a special limited-edition of 6 artist-signed 12-sided lanterns), pics below...

Bindlegrim's October Schedule:

Bindlegrim's vintage-style paper lanterns for Halloween feature black silhouette shapes and traditional-style artwork.
A set of six paper holiday deocrations featuring bats, pumpkins, on black frame silhoueete lanterns
Six vintage-style Halloween lanterns by Bindlegrim feature Jack O'Lantern male female couple

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