Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The 12 Panes of Krampus

Ah..., as Saint Nicholas might say, naughty children are just that, pains, and fortunately in the alpine regions of Europe he has a helper Krampus (exactly 12 of them on the panes of this vintage-style collapsible paper lantern) to assist with disciplinary difficulties.

Last night, Bindlegrim posted a super short 3-day only auction (ending Dec 20, 2012 19:47:55 PST) for a new lantern, and the last Bindlegrim lantern of 2012. GRUSS von KRAMPUS vintage style HALLOWEEN-CHRI​STMAS lantern BINDLEGRIM: 3rd of 3. This lantern (of which only 3 were produced) features 12 scenes of Krampus shenanigans, with a look inspired by vintage postcards of this strange Christmas character.

Winter scenes of Krampus Christmas character vintage-style art by Bindlegrim
Illustrations of Christmas Krampus by Bindlegrim inspired by vintage European postcardsOne of 12 art images by Bindlegrim based on vintage Krampus imagery from Europe
This 12 side lantern by Bindlegrim offers art in red, black, white illustration of Europe Christmas tradition the Krampus

It's a little hard to photograph all the scenes in a single image when the lantern is set up for lighting, so here are some working files for the panes. This shows Krampus doing what Saint Nicholas hired him to do --- capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away... (wikipedia entry on Krampus).

Six illustrations of scary Krampus imagery by Bindlegrim based on vintage style art
Krampus imagery in European winter by Bindlegrim based on vintage postcard designs

Fortunately most children must be good here in America, for I have never seen Krampus set foot on this soil. However, with his underground popularity increasing, I wonder if he might finally make it across the water some day, as did one dear friend of ours, the Jack O'Lantern...? Until then, for more images of this lantern check out Bindlegrim on flickr and Happy Holidays and by all means, be good!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A quick entry just reminding everyone to be good tonight, Krampusnacht. Here's a little 3 panel comic as a cautionary tale... (for some works in progress for a possible lantern release by Bindlegrim for December 2012). In the meantime here are just a tiny few of the many fun Krampus links out there: wikipedia, or  krampus.com, and there are at least 2 books with vintage Krampus imagery collected by Monte Beauchamp.

Krampus graphics by holiday artist Bindlegrim for vintage style lantern designs Krampus graphics in the tradition of vintage style red, black, white Krampuskarten interpreted by Bindegrim Holiday graphics of the Krampus by artist Bindlegrim for December 2012 red, white, black vintage style lanterns
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