Monday, August 3, 2015

Final Farewells - 3rd Annual Studio Purge

Bindlegrim has purged a few remaining Halloween items from the studio - some vintage-style candy containers and Hallowe'en lanterns from the 2013 and 2014 seasons. A recent tradition during these last two summers, this would be the third albeit mini Summer Sale - via jumpkinpunkins on ebay. And here's a small review of the items listed:

2015 summer sale of limited-edition signed decorations for the autumn holiday.

The following three listings from this sale, are all the last of their limited-edition series. Auction bidding ends August 9th, 2015. (Note - all sets include the addition of four Hallowe'en postcards released in 2014). 

Large package includes cat, scarecrow, pumpkin, witch, devil and scarecrow - with postcard set witch, devil, black cat, and bogle. Signed characters include cat, scarecrow, pumpkin, witch, devil and scarecrow. Postcard set witch, devil, black cat, and bogle.

Open package shows Jack O'Lantern, witch, scarecrow, black cat, devil, and clown characters ready for eerie candlelight moods.Open package of six characters ready for eerie Halloween table decorating during autumn parties.

This listing is for the last packaged set of six vintage-style candy-container-lanterns from  #4/5 Creeps (Shadow Edition) mechanically diecut, signed and sealed during the production. The candy-container design features classic slot-and-tabs to create an open-top box that holds treats, and doubles in function as a lantern with translucent eyes, nose, and mouths.

Bindlegrim Creeps in the Dark

Each character is also signed and hand-numbered on inside base - for example: "Creeps (Shadow Edition)" #1 (1-6 for the characters), #4/5 (edition with the artist's Halloween signature), 2013 Bindlegrim.  More photos (the artist's creation process and final production shots) as well as various video is available on flickr: the Creeps album.

Halloween hex lantern #10 was created for the Denver Halloween Trunk Show and this photo shows the last for sale from the artist. Pumpkin vines and different Jack O'Lantern expressions on featured on the classic vintage-style paper lantern by Bindlegrim.

Last of limited-edition vintage-style Halloween lantern for sale directly from the artist during the 2015 summer sale. Signed paper lantern - #6/6 Traditional Grim 2014 by holiday artist and decor designer.

#10 Traditional Grim #6/6 (last one) comes from a series of 12-sided lanterns - this one was created especially for sale to attendees at the Halloween Trunk Show #9 (2014).  The imagery was a return to traditional orange and black and is a hybrid of two previous lanterns. (The pumpkin vines from "The Pumpkin Patch" and shrunken-head style pumpkin faces from "The Horrid Decor"). It was briefly displayed during the show (with a postcard stating it's history before being sealed in its package). 

Because I missed getting any studio shots during the craziness of preparing for the show, I wanted to share this awesome photo by Johanna Parker who to my wonderful surprise, included one from this edition in her home decor for the season! (PS - the bat hook is also by Bindlegrim available on the Bindlegoods store). 

Incredible folk artist Johanna Parker shared this photo last year of her very own home decor which at top featured a vintage-style holiday lantern by Bindlegrim!

Some item details --- when flat the lantern measures about 12" by 12" side to side. The frame is made from 2-ply acid-free museum board. The vellum imagery is laser-printed for durability. Advised best lighting with an LED or low 3 watt white light for best color range (anything hotter is not advised, nor is exposure to the elements). Every process was Made in the USA and hand-assembled by the artist. The main packages is hand-numbered. The lantern inside is signed and numbered "Traditional Grim" #6/6 (edition with the artist's Halloween signature), 2014 Bindlegrim.

Paper lantern featuring male and female couple pumpkins was originally for sale in 2014 - this is the last available from the artist with this design.This lantern features a couple in 1920s style clothes - with grins and grimaces - and a full moon sky with bat silhouettes.

#4/6 signed artist piece - this paper lantern is the last available with this pane design by holiday artist Bindlegrim.Close-up of panes on autumn Harvest Moon lighting decor reveals full moon, bats, and a pumpkin couple.

#9 Harvest Moon #4/6 was also created especially for sale to attendees at the Halloween Trunk Show #9 (2014).  The imagery was inspired by early century pumpkin faces, and is heavily detailed compared to early 2012 silhouette lanterns when the 12-sided series first began.

In the same madness, I didn't get any studio shots, but collectors were very kind to send in images of their acquired lanterns - and this colorful photo is a definite favorite with the beautiful autumn colors contrasting the lantern panes!

12-sided lantern with pumpkins and blue panes contrasts beautifully with the yellows, oranges, and reds of the autumn landscape from the window view.

Similar construction information applies to this lantern. Note that this lantern was produced and sealed at the time it was created. The last one for this listing was never displayed.

Thank you again for ogling the goods - and in the next month hoping to have some new standard products available on the Bindlegoods store. Please remember that the artist does take a break from this one-spook operation near the end of October (pre-Halloween) so early ordering is recommended.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Short, Sharp, Stocked (no longer)

As announced earlier today on the Bindlegrim facebook page it was cleaning day in the studio (beneath monsoon skies) and a few items (the last of their kind) were gathered up for an official 3rd annual summer sale - see preview image below. Note this will be a very quick and small sale starting tomorrow (8-2-2015) finishing at the end of this one week of listings. End results of this sale will be used to fuel the 2015 releases which should be out the beginning of September!

Image features black silhouette package of 6 Creeps, a 12-sided paper lantern Harvest Moon (with Jack O'Lantern pumpkin couple) and a lampshade called Traditional Grim in classic orange and black.

The sale will at least include the last available of some items shown above: 1 package of 6 silhouette Creeps (2013), a 12-sided lantern "#9 - Harvest Moon" (2014), and a 12-sided lantern "#10 - Traditional Grim" (2014). More details will post very soon! 
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