Friday, March 30, 2012

Space Witches (Halloween Lantern #4)

An unexpected visit came today from a host of 1950s retro-kitsch black cats and witches riding space rockets, (and some not-so-happy aliens), making an appearance at the Bindlegrim studios. This is style #4 vintage-style lantern (imagery with a ton of tiny details) that will have a possible listing this weekend...!

The gallery widget above examines each of the 12 panes (which are each different from one another) in closer detail... and here are a half-dozen photos showing the imagery in the round...

Paper pendant lantern - witches, rockets, and aliens in outer space by Bindlegrim

Black cats and mice fight in space on Halloween vintage-style lantern by Bindlegrim

Space cat, witch, and alien on vintage style #4 paper lantern by Bindlegrim

Witches on rockets in outer space imagery of orange and black classic style paper pendant latnern by Bindlegrim

Witches on rockets and witch in goggles decorate vintage style paper lantern for Halloween

Outer space witch in spacesuit and rockets on retro kitsch Halloween lantern by Bindlegrim

Also...  a short side note to stay tuned for a couple of Bindlegrim bagatelles. Here is some imagery from the second one under development..

Original Halloween art of skeleton musicians by Bindlegrim

There seems to be a bit of a jazz theme happening here. What started out at first as a grumpy moon covering his ears from the sound of raucous skeletons, instead transformed into a high-spirited band leader directing his quartet of band musicians.  I would hazard a guess that "Rumble Bones" is picking on a selection of tunes found on Bindlegrim's vintage Halloween music radio:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bindlegrim Bagatelle

Thank-you again to all who took an interest in the last lantern listed for The Cornish Litany (and postcard set)!

I took a break from listing the next lantern style tonight in an attempt at finishing a new one-off piece: a retro-fit bagatelle (similar to pinball or pachinko) marble game with original Bindlegrim art. And though it was almost ready to go live tonight, a couple of post-production glitches needed to be straightened out before I felt this could be offered.

In the meantime, with it practically completed, I did want to post a couple of photos of the item to assuage my sense of disappointment this didn't get completed this evening, as hoped. If you are interested in this piece, please stay-tuned for upcoming availability.

Spook Hunt by Bindelgrim is a one-of-kind original Halloween art piece with retro-fit bagatelle pinball game

Also, this reminds me too, (with a loosely related theme of the hunt) that I never really posted a full image of Bindlegrim's rare foray into Easter imagery on the blog.

Here is the front and back of this #/10 limited edition postcard that just became available last week. Please contact me for availability since the remaining cards art not currently posted anywhere online... (with one ending recently on ebay, and a handful of others already claimed).

Limited edition Easter postcard art by Bindelgrim 2012 with bunny rabbits and Easter eggs

Bindlegrim original limited edition postcard for 2012, postage side.

So until next time, sorry for the super short catch-up here, and will share more in the next entry!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lanterns for Ghoulies and Ghosties

From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-leggety Beasties and Things that go Bump in the Night, Good Lord deliver us! -- (The Cornish Litany).

An earlier mentioned limited edition run of vintage-style 2012 Halloween lanterns has finally reached production, with a live listing now: CORNISH LITANY vintage style LANTERN (Choose Color) & 12 POSTCARD SET Bindlegrim (ending 3/18), and with a surprising selection of colors: orange, purple, and green available.

Here are some photos of the lanterns in the studio before and after final packaging:

Halloween Lanterns with Cornish Litany imagery hang to create tessellations of orange, purple, and green at the art studios of Bindlegrim

Why green and purple this time? The Cornish Litany originated from Cornwall, and the verse was printed or burned onto souvenirs with imagery that featured scary characters frightening people in Gothic settings; one early artist featured a palette of green and purple, and inspired the color choices used in this lantern edition. 

Limited edition Halloween lanterns in green, orange, and purple with only 3 in each color, total of 9

For more about the verse, with artist imagery past and present, I recommend the collector and book that inspired me, Debra Meister's - A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise.

A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise by Debra Meister
A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise by Debra Meister

 These lanterns, style #2 The Cornish Litany, were produced as a total of 9 lanterns with litany imagery, but divided into only 3 of each color.  The twelve panels  are full of ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, castles, beasts, and bugs, together with the verse of the litany reading left to right. Here is a series of photos of this hanging Halloween lantern showing each facet, in the different colors available.

Purple and black Halloween lantern in vintage pendant style design with Cornish Litany art by Bindlegrim

Orange and black classic hanging Halloween lantern with verse and ghouls ghosties

Green and black vintage pendant style Halloween lantern with poem and long leggetty beasties

Good Lord Deliver Us, cries the poem of The Cornish Litany on this orange and black vintage style paper hanging pendant lantern

Ghost and ghouls scare people in Halloween art by Bindlegrim's interpretation of The Cornish Litany

I really enjoy the purple and green with a small LED light inside of them (because of the bluish tint those lights cast). The orange looks great with an orange battery operated candle or a 3 watt flicker bulb.

Included with this lantern comes a complete 12 postcard set (only 30-45 of each card printed) previously mentioned in the blog entry Cornish Litany and Postcard Set when I was working on the lantern's prototype... and the cards were recently available at the End of Winter International Show for postcard and paper ephemera collectors in New York city.

Full postcard set of 12 Cornish Litany postcards by Bindlegrim for 2012

Playing off the "key hole" design of the lantern, I though it was fun to focus on this shape as a peek-a-boo motif for the imagery, and gave each card a little skull topped skeleton key to go with the verse. Now that these are posted for viewing,  I'm finishing up another postcard soon to be available for Easter... and hope to have that showing up here soon. Until then... stay spooky but enjoy the Spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bindlegrim's Rambunctious Spring Palette

As the glacier of snow and ice finally begins to recede here at Ichabod's Cottage, life is starting to re-awaken, and peek outside at the approaching Spring. And a bit of cheer has burbled its way through Bindlegrim's mind, exploring for the first time in many years some art with Easter holiday imagery.

Easter postcard preview featuring eggs and bunny rabbits by Bindlegrim

Above is a snippet of imagery created for a limited edition Easter postcard that will be released here in the next couple of days, featuring three very bad bunnies up to no good at the residency of The Eggs.

Bad Bunny 2

Okay, so I guess it's not all sweetness and light with Bindlegrim. But, in the next couple of days (and perhaps for the few weeks leading up to Easter), I will post the full image for sale on this planned limited edition studio printing. Details to follow, but while speaking of postcards...

Today is the beginning of the End of Winter International Show in New York. The show runs March 9th, 10th & 11th.  Check the website of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City for hours and admission prices. The show will have a large selection of vendors selling vintage postcards, paper, ephemera, and more..., including some items by newer artists. And you can find Bindlegrim's Cornish Litany postcards, both the two from 2011, and the key hole series for 2012.

Cornish Litany 2011 card by Bindlegrim at the 2012 End of Winter Show in New York  

And finally, speaking of The Cornish Litany, I'm hoping to get another lantern posted at the end of the week... and with some thought for the original green and purple palette of vintage Cornish Litany postcards (not to mention those colors are not uncommon in modern Halloween palettes), there is a definite possibility of offering green and/or purple panes as one-offs as part of the special edition to the standard five in orange.  (Note -
colors shown here are digital approximations of the vellum's actual green and purple hue since the lanterns aren't yet assembled).

Cornish Litany lantern in green by Bindlegrim

Classic purple color Cornish Litany lantern limited lantern by Bindlegrim

Limited edition Cornish Litany, Halloween lanterns by Bindlegrim for 2012

Well, between the lantern and the Easter card, that's a fairly colorful, and perhaps Spring-like palette for ol' Bindlegrim. Hope you enjoyed the brightened touches, and news will follow soon of the next lantern posted for sale. Thank you for following the news from this entry... and not to forget the last entry that featured the first Bindlegrim newsletter March 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bindlegrim's 1st Newsletter: March 2012

With the unexpected quickness these last few days of producing the first Bindlegrim newsletter (starting March 2012), I wanted to link the content here as preview and provide an alternate online version. Below is a screenshot that links to a legible, clickable posting:

March 2012 Newsletter from Bindlegrim features vintage-style Halloween lanterns, shirt designs, Bindlegrim radio, and the Cornish Litany

If your curiosity is piqued you can sign up for this monthly newsletter: 1) here on the blog, top right, 2) the newsletter sign-up page on, 3) or the newsletter tab on the Bindlegrim facebook page.

As a first go at a newsletter, I welcome your suggestions, and hope in future to make them even more worthy of opening from your e-mail's inbox. Thank you all once more, and here's to the newness of spring, finally melting away the snow at Ichabod's and a cottage near you.
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