Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bindlegrim's 1st Newsletter: March 2012

With the unexpected quickness these last few days of producing the first Bindlegrim newsletter (starting March 2012), I wanted to link the content here as preview and provide an alternate online version. Below is a screenshot that links to a legible, clickable posting:

March 2012 Newsletter from Bindlegrim features vintage-style Halloween lanterns, shirt designs, Bindlegrim radio, and the Cornish Litany

If your curiosity is piqued you can sign up for this monthly newsletter: 1) here on the blog, top right, 2) the newsletter sign-up page on, 3) or the newsletter tab on the Bindlegrim facebook page.

As a first go at a newsletter, I welcome your suggestions, and hope in future to make them even more worthy of opening from your e-mail's inbox. Thank you all once more, and here's to the newness of spring, finally melting away the snow at Ichabod's and a cottage near you.

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