Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Devils (Bindlegoods Update)

A fourth and final image has been created for proposed pane content of the upcoming vintage-style Spooklight lanterns, and its a devil of a thing... that has me wondering, is there a pumpkin heaven (?) because the afterlife looks rather grim for this classic 1920s/30s German-esque Jack O'Lantern.

Devl with spade tail, black ghost demons, and German-eque antique-style Halloween pumpkin surrounded by flames in front a full moon

I regret the new artwork (inspired by last year's Creeps candy containers) helped delay the Spooklights release but I just couldn't bring myself to revisit previous 12-sided lantern imagery which feels special to those releases. However, I am still toying with an idea that a few select images (not all) could by popular demand be re-released in a Spooklights version? Any requests? The Haint House? or maybe The Space Witches? or perhaps Gruss von Krampus? There were 8 limited-editions released previously - so there's quite a bit of content to choose! (Below is last year's unexpected release of a Creeps 12-sided lantern - see all the Creeps on flickr).

Pumpkin, Witch, Black Cat, Creepy Clown, Scarecrow, and Devil on antique-style paper lantern by artist Bindlegrim

Anyhow, I am making some small tweaks to the newest as-yet un-named series, and will of course remove the annoying text from the final lantern panes... or on whatever format these images are lent - because I'm now thinking these might be fun as cards or on other products? What do you think?

Finally, some store updates (aka Bindlegoods) progress is still occurring there if a bit slowly.Test products seem to be processing fine, and I'm trying my best to get this one-man show up to speed. I need to 1) finish the pane content, 2) get that content printed onto pane material, 3) put a few sets together for sale, 4) verify the content will process on the live site, and 5+) let you know it's all good to go while writing up some sale notices and getting photographs, etc... etc.

Online storre by Bindlegrim sells vintage-style Halloween holiday decorations

Thank you all for your interest in the meantime, on facebook, flickr, twitter., and I do hope the wait is not too long! Best to all this Spring season!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Witches of Spring

But the question is which witch? Here in the third installment of imagery promos for the upcoming Spooklights, our vintage-style Jack O'Lantern pumpkin is this time paired with a green-faced wicked witch. The series began as very saturated, however, I've been periodically toying with a less saturated, vintage tonalities. I think I may go back and edge these more toward the slightly less colorful muted by sepia.

Green-faced witch hovers over light of German-style JOL pumpkin in third of series of Halloween imagery
Like a faded print, the witch and pumpkin are shown here faded from time like a photograph on the wall of a haunted house
Like an Old Movie or Emulsion Film, the Pumpkin and Witch are shown here in Black and White

Monday, March 24, 2014

Springtime for Bogles and Halloween

Alas, still no cute bunnies with chickens, nor any sign of colorful Easter eggs... well, maybe this Bogle is scaring them away... or ate them... ;-) In a follow up companion piece to the previous Spooklights promo (of one sad pumpkin with a black cat), this happy JOL is now held by a mouse-tached scarecrow as it shambles through the whispering corn shucks beneath a full moon...

Classic German-esque pumpkin JOL held by scarecrow at night in cornfield under a full moon - art by Bindlegrim 2014

Bindlegrim is also on flickr and pinterest...
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