Friday, January 30, 2015


Digital art by Bindlegrim featuring bogle characters and crows in cornfield under a misty full moon

Rethinking some previous characters for their upcoming 2015 designs as roly-polys (see previous entry) and what not...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Halloween Hibernation

Bindlegrim returns to vintage-styled Halloween designs, now for 2015, after a much-needed winter's rest. And as of today travelled to meet some old friends. First stop was a cave, hanging out with this familiar-faced witch creating some new finery for her with this honeycomb base. I plan next to meet with a certain black cat, bogle, and devil (from 2014 Spooklights) to outfit them all in a similar fashion so that a full set is available on Bindlegoods.

Here's a a couple of snapshots of the witch showing off her new orange honeycomb base, by an old haunted tree just outside the cave entrance.

New Halloween decorations by Bindlegrim featuring green witch on orange honeycomb tissue paper base.

vintage-style orange honeycomb tissue paper decoration featuring witch by Bindlegrim

Stay tuned for all things Bindlegrim this coming year, through the blog, as well as facebook and twitter

Dark cave entrance and haunted tree set scene for Halloween decoration of witch on honeycomb base by Bindlegrim new for 2015

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quiet November

Just a quick word (to get at least one entry for the month of November) wishing folks a great weekend this Thanksgiving 2014!

Bindlegrim is apparently still recuperating from Halloween. And while there is a hope that something may get released for the 2014 Christmas season... the creative embers are burning fairly cold from exhaustion of squeezing in this little hobby with the world of reality. News will post here in event of any changes and/or releases of product.

Happy Holidays!

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