Friday, March 9, 2012

Bindlegrim's Rambunctious Spring Palette

As the glacier of snow and ice finally begins to recede here at Ichabod's Cottage, life is starting to re-awaken, and peek outside at the approaching Spring. And a bit of cheer has burbled its way through Bindlegrim's mind, exploring for the first time in many years some art with Easter holiday imagery.

Easter postcard preview featuring eggs and bunny rabbits by Bindlegrim

Above is a snippet of imagery created for a limited edition Easter postcard that will be released here in the next couple of days, featuring three very bad bunnies up to no good at the residency of The Eggs.

Bad Bunny 2

Okay, so I guess it's not all sweetness and light with Bindlegrim. But, in the next couple of days (and perhaps for the few weeks leading up to Easter), I will post the full image for sale on this planned limited edition studio printing. Details to follow, but while speaking of postcards...

Today is the beginning of the End of Winter International Show in New York. The show runs March 9th, 10th & 11th.  Check the website of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City for hours and admission prices. The show will have a large selection of vendors selling vintage postcards, paper, ephemera, and more..., including some items by newer artists. And you can find Bindlegrim's Cornish Litany postcards, both the two from 2011, and the key hole series for 2012.

Cornish Litany 2011 card by Bindlegrim at the 2012 End of Winter Show in New York  

And finally, speaking of The Cornish Litany, I'm hoping to get another lantern posted at the end of the week... and with some thought for the original green and purple palette of vintage Cornish Litany postcards (not to mention those colors are not uncommon in modern Halloween palettes), there is a definite possibility of offering green and/or purple panes as one-offs as part of the special edition to the standard five in orange.  (Note -
colors shown here are digital approximations of the vellum's actual green and purple hue since the lanterns aren't yet assembled).

Cornish Litany lantern in green by Bindlegrim

Classic purple color Cornish Litany lantern limited lantern by Bindlegrim

Limited edition Cornish Litany, Halloween lanterns by Bindlegrim for 2012

Well, between the lantern and the Easter card, that's a fairly colorful, and perhaps Spring-like palette for ol' Bindlegrim. Hope you enjoyed the brightened touches, and news will follow soon of the next lantern posted for sale. Thank you for following the news from this entry... and not to forget the last entry that featured the first Bindlegrim newsletter March 2012

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