Friday, March 30, 2012

Space Witches (Halloween Lantern #4)

An unexpected visit came today from a host of 1950s retro-kitsch black cats and witches riding space rockets, (and some not-so-happy aliens), making an appearance at the Bindlegrim studios. This is style #4 vintage-style lantern (imagery with a ton of tiny details) that will have a possible listing this weekend...!

The gallery widget above examines each of the 12 panes (which are each different from one another) in closer detail... and here are a half-dozen photos showing the imagery in the round...

Paper pendant lantern - witches, rockets, and aliens in outer space by Bindlegrim

Black cats and mice fight in space on Halloween vintage-style lantern by Bindlegrim

Space cat, witch, and alien on vintage style #4 paper lantern by Bindlegrim

Witches on rockets in outer space imagery of orange and black classic style paper pendant latnern by Bindlegrim

Witches on rockets and witch in goggles decorate vintage style paper lantern for Halloween

Outer space witch in spacesuit and rockets on retro kitsch Halloween lantern by Bindlegrim

Also...  a short side note to stay tuned for a couple of Bindlegrim bagatelles. Here is some imagery from the second one under development..

Original Halloween art of skeleton musicians by Bindlegrim

There seems to be a bit of a jazz theme happening here. What started out at first as a grumpy moon covering his ears from the sound of raucous skeletons, instead transformed into a high-spirited band leader directing his quartet of band musicians.  I would hazard a guess that "Rumble Bones" is picking on a selection of tunes found on Bindlegrim's vintage Halloween music radio:

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