Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Cyclonic Cavalcade of Witches and Rockets

Okay, so "cyclonic cavalcade" was taken from a trailer for the old Godzilla movie full of similar styled hype... but as I was writing the copy for tonight's ebay listing - I could hear that same excited voice in my head as I was writing an over the top intro for The Space Witches lantern, and it went a little something lie this: Blast-off to a retro-kitsch sci-fi galaxy where UFO aliens collide into the earthly other-realm of Halloween witches who with their black cat familiars terrorize space in light-speed rockets!!!

Well, all that soul-groaning copy aside, style #4 in the Bindlegrim hex lantern series did make it live tonight, and here is the link by which to set your space ship's navigation controls: 12 side WITCH ROCKETS CATS retro vintage style HALLOWEEN lantern #5/5 BINDLEGRIM

Here are some new photos from the listing, or see the previous blog entry for even more:

Paper Halloween vintage style lantern by Bindlegrim, here shown flat

Signed limited edition latnern #5/5 by Bindlegrim shown flat, top half

Spooky Vintage Style Lantern #4 The Space Witches in bag with label

Close-up photograph of vintage style Bindlegrim lantern with edition number

Detail of label of vintage style retro paper lantern by Bindlegrim 2012

And here is a direct excerpt of the ebay listing with general information on the listing:

Spooky Vintage Style Lantern - #4 - The Space Witches 
12 Eerie Visions of Creeps and Chills, Glow for HALLOWE'EN Thrills!

This newest offering in limited edition Bindlegrim hex lanterns merges the cartoon camp of 1950's imagery with the spooky elegance of 1920s vintage paper lanterns

Lantern #4 - (Edition #5/5):

This vintage style lantern comes from a series created in limited edition batches, with each different batch containing distinctive pane imagery from the others. This particular style has only 5 made with this particular imagery.
And any lantern produced is identified inside the frame - this lantern reads:  "The Space Witches" (#5/5) 2012 Bindlegrim with the artist's Halloween signature.

The frame is created with acid-free museum board. The pieces were Made in the USA and hand assembled by the artist. Each work is packaged in a cellophane bag and also labeled with its number in the edition.
The images are laser-prints on vellum for durability. The orange looks great with an orange battery operated candle or a 3 watt flicker bulb. Small holes in the top piece are present for hanging the lantern with soft wire or strong thread if you prefer a battery operated candle.

The Space Witches:
The imagery for this lantern was based on classic candy containers that combined the imagery of witches and rockets. Bindlegrim expanded this idea to create original pane designs, 12 different ones in all, that take the journey into outer space with these witches and their black cats, to see what happens, encountering aliens and other problems - like white mice running loose inside your space helmet - or what if your cat gets stuck on the moon?! Witches and aliens terrorize each other! Cats and mice take their earthly battle into space! Other mischievous witches speed about in helmets and goggles..., they poke the moon in the eye with their broom..., and they crash on dark planetoids!

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