Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bindlegrim Bagatelle

Thank-you again to all who took an interest in the last lantern listed for The Cornish Litany (and postcard set)!

I took a break from listing the next lantern style tonight in an attempt at finishing a new one-off piece: a retro-fit bagatelle (similar to pinball or pachinko) marble game with original Bindlegrim art. And though it was almost ready to go live tonight, a couple of post-production glitches needed to be straightened out before I felt this could be offered.

In the meantime, with it practically completed, I did want to post a couple of photos of the item to assuage my sense of disappointment this didn't get completed this evening, as hoped. If you are interested in this piece, please stay-tuned for upcoming availability.

Spook Hunt by Bindelgrim is a one-of-kind original Halloween art piece with retro-fit bagatelle pinball game

Also, this reminds me too, (with a loosely related theme of the hunt) that I never really posted a full image of Bindlegrim's rare foray into Easter imagery on the blog.

Here is the front and back of this #/10 limited edition postcard that just became available last week. Please contact me for availability since the remaining cards art not currently posted anywhere online... (with one ending recently on ebay, and a handful of others already claimed).

Limited edition Easter postcard art by Bindelgrim 2012 with bunny rabbits and Easter eggs

Bindlegrim original limited edition postcard for 2012, postage side.

So until next time, sorry for the super short catch-up here, and will share more in the next entry!


  1. Love your bagatelle... I had one as a kid.

  2. Hi Len, thanks for the good words! I've been enjoying seeing all the past bagatelle and pinball games.
    It was great fun dreaming up the imagery for one of these with the Halloween theme. I think I might have totally dug this as a kid... and its actually rather fun as an adult. Creating it was not always an easy learning experience, but can't wait to make more!

  3. Reminds me of one I had as a kid in the 80s, similar artwork too from what I remember, which is little. Was called Ghost Hunt maybe. It's killing me because I can't find any info on it at all! I do remember it being one with white balls and a black ball, which narrows it down..


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