Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lanterns for Ghoulies and Ghosties

From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-leggety Beasties and Things that go Bump in the Night, Good Lord deliver us! -- (The Cornish Litany).

An earlier mentioned limited edition run of vintage-style 2012 Halloween lanterns has finally reached production, with a live listing now: CORNISH LITANY vintage style LANTERN (Choose Color) & 12 POSTCARD SET Bindlegrim (ending 3/18), and with a surprising selection of colors: orange, purple, and green available.

Here are some photos of the lanterns in the studio before and after final packaging:

Halloween Lanterns with Cornish Litany imagery hang to create tessellations of orange, purple, and green at the art studios of Bindlegrim

Why green and purple this time? The Cornish Litany originated from Cornwall, and the verse was printed or burned onto souvenirs with imagery that featured scary characters frightening people in Gothic settings; one early artist featured a palette of green and purple, and inspired the color choices used in this lantern edition. 

Limited edition Halloween lanterns in green, orange, and purple with only 3 in each color, total of 9

For more about the verse, with artist imagery past and present, I recommend the collector and book that inspired me, Debra Meister's - A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise.

A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise by Debra Meister
A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise by Debra Meister

 These lanterns, style #2 The Cornish Litany, were produced as a total of 9 lanterns with litany imagery, but divided into only 3 of each color.  The twelve panels  are full of ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, castles, beasts, and bugs, together with the verse of the litany reading left to right. Here is a series of photos of this hanging Halloween lantern showing each facet, in the different colors available.

Purple and black Halloween lantern in vintage pendant style design with Cornish Litany art by Bindlegrim

Orange and black classic hanging Halloween lantern with verse and ghouls ghosties

Green and black vintage pendant style Halloween lantern with poem and long leggetty beasties

Good Lord Deliver Us, cries the poem of The Cornish Litany on this orange and black vintage style paper hanging pendant lantern

Ghost and ghouls scare people in Halloween art by Bindlegrim's interpretation of The Cornish Litany

I really enjoy the purple and green with a small LED light inside of them (because of the bluish tint those lights cast). The orange looks great with an orange battery operated candle or a 3 watt flicker bulb.

Included with this lantern comes a complete 12 postcard set (only 30-45 of each card printed) previously mentioned in the blog entry Cornish Litany and Postcard Set when I was working on the lantern's prototype... and the cards were recently available at the End of Winter International Show for postcard and paper ephemera collectors in New York city.

Full postcard set of 12 Cornish Litany postcards by Bindlegrim for 2012

Playing off the "key hole" design of the lantern, I though it was fun to focus on this shape as a peek-a-boo motif for the imagery, and gave each card a little skull topped skeleton key to go with the verse. Now that these are posted for viewing,  I'm finishing up another postcard soon to be available for Easter... and hope to have that showing up here soon. Until then... stay spooky but enjoy the Spring!

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