Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bindlegrim's Bindlegoods

So these last couple of months, there has been much talk about the opening day of Bindlegoods. Wasn't that set for February..? Was it going to creep up during March..? Hey, hasn't April blustered by already without a sign..? Well those days have passed (hopefully with most of the southwestern dust-storm season) and looks like opening day is going to fall sometime during this first week of May! I know this to be true because two orders (from fans who snuck into the crypt) are going out the door this week. The web shoppe address, btw, which I forgot to mention, is

Here's a couple of photos of some Spooklights contents (lamp base and lamp shade) ready for packaging... which will soon be a small non-limited run (vs. limited edition) from Bindlegoods. 

Paper good decorations in a vintage style by Halloween holiday artist Bindlegrim features classic style silhouettes for spooky atmosphere lighting

Limited run paper art diecuts by holiday Halloween artist Bindlegrim features German style designs on a shade that can be a pendant or used with a lamp shade base (sold separately).

Packaging shown for vintage-style paper Halloween decorations by holiday Halloween artist Bindlegrim

As well the Spooklights postcard set just arrived in the studio and is set to ship out free with the first orders (while supplies last). These are colorful Halloween illustrations on a 4x6 matte postcard.

German-style art as inspiration, Bindlegrim art features Halloween Jack O'Lantern with devil, witch, scarecrow, and black cat.

Paper good set by Bindlegrim is a vintage-style postcard set featuring classic German-esque imagery of JOL pumpkin held by black cat, witch, devil, or bogle scarecrow.

Vintage-style illustration art by Bindlegrim is features on the postcard set with pumpkins, witch, devil, scarecrow, and black cat inspired by classic German-esque early century designs.

I do believe the next post will be an announcement for the opening of the shop! Thank you for your patience with the ol bones of Bindlegrim! Keep up to date with latest Bindlegrim news via facebook, twitter, and check out some additional imagery via flickr.

By the way, if you've read this far, you just might be a true Bindlegrim fan --- so don't forget last summer started a Bindlegrim tradition for selling the previous year's designs... and there a few limited-edition Creeps (lanterns and candy containers) and Spirits who might be in need of a good haunted home. 


  1. How do I order a spooklight and a lantern?

    1. Thank you so much for asking! I noticed I left out the Bindlegrim shoppe address from this post and will edit that back in somewhere....


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