Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Halloween Tea Time

Paper decoration design by Bindlegrim shown with black cat, witch, Jack O'Lanterns together with antique pumpkin tea set

Close-up Halloween Teapot with Cup under black table lantern by designer Bindlegrim

Paper decoration by artist Bindlgrim features ghost silhouettes and is shown with an antique German Jack O'Lantern tea set.

Table setting with antique lights and tea set featuring vintage-style Halloween lanterns design (devil and scarecrow) by Bindlegrim

German Teapot and Cups under vintage-style Halloween lantern by Bndlegrim with panes featuring Jack O'Lanterns, Black Cat, and Witch


  1. This may be a dumb question, but who made the teapot? Is it vintage?

    1. For the photo shoot, a guest star loaner whose German design face inspired the postcard/pane imagery for Spooklights. You have a good eye then for vintage. :-)

    2. I thought it might be German!
      I DO have an eye for vintage, but I notice those things because I'm a potter, too!
      I still just love your lanterns. They give me that happy feeling all over!


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