Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Devils (Bindlegoods Update)

A fourth and final image has been created for proposed pane content of the upcoming vintage-style Spooklight lanterns, and its a devil of a thing... that has me wondering, is there a pumpkin heaven (?) because the afterlife looks rather grim for this classic 1920s/30s German-esque Jack O'Lantern.

Devl with spade tail, black ghost demons, and German-eque antique-style Halloween pumpkin surrounded by flames in front a full moon

I regret the new artwork (inspired by last year's Creeps candy containers) helped delay the Spooklights release but I just couldn't bring myself to revisit previous 12-sided lantern imagery which feels special to those releases. However, I am still toying with an idea that a few select images (not all) could by popular demand be re-released in a Spooklights version? Any requests? The Haint House? or maybe The Space Witches? or perhaps Gruss von Krampus? There were 8 limited-editions released previously - so there's quite a bit of content to choose! (Below is last year's unexpected release of a Creeps 12-sided lantern - see all the Creeps on flickr).

Pumpkin, Witch, Black Cat, Creepy Clown, Scarecrow, and Devil on antique-style paper lantern by artist Bindlegrim

Anyhow, I am making some small tweaks to the newest as-yet un-named series, and will of course remove the annoying text from the final lantern panes... or on whatever format these images are lent - because I'm now thinking these might be fun as cards or on other products? What do you think?

Finally, some store updates (aka Bindlegoods) progress is still occurring there if a bit slowly.Test products seem to be processing fine, and I'm trying my best to get this one-man show up to speed. I need to 1) finish the pane content, 2) get that content printed onto pane material, 3) put a few sets together for sale, 4) verify the content will process on the live site, and 5+) let you know it's all good to go while writing up some sale notices and getting photographs, etc... etc.

Online storre by Bindlegrim sells vintage-style Halloween holiday decorations

Thank you all for your interest in the meantime, on facebook, flickr, twitter., and I do hope the wait is not too long! Best to all this Spring season!

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