Thursday, March 13, 2014

Long Dark March out of February

It appears 2014 is still lurking.... and creeping ever so reluctantly toward the opening of the new Bindlegood storefront. While I optimistically predicted a February date for the grand opening - it appears it may be something more like the end of March. However, I must say I am pleased with how designs for the coming year have pulled together... (as I'm taking the extra time to make sure they are done correctly)... and am finally confident enough to bring a few of these to light as seen only previously in the murky shadows of sneak peek photos:

Trick or Treat Zombie Ghosts by Jack O'Lantern Pumpkins lurk under bat wings of combo shade and candle holder by Halloween artist Bindlegrim

Vintage-style Black Silhouette Candle Holder with Trick or Treat Zombies, Pumpkin Jack O'Lanterns, and Bat Wings for the Halloween holiday by artist Bindlegrim

Shown without shades, a Vintage-style Silhouette Shade or Pendant Lamp Cover featuring Gothic Designs for the Halloween holiday by artist Bindlegrim

A Halloween table lamp lantern (Spooklight by Bindlegrim of Bindlegoods) is created by combining a lamp shade and a candle holder

Bindlegrim via facebook has been sharing a bit here and there this past dark February (as its less time consuming to make a quick post there)... and so I thought it was time to catch up here on the blog.  In case you haven't seen the new storefront - here's a quick screenshot. See you there soon!!!

Screenshot of the Halloween holiday storefront of vintage-style goodies (lanterns, lamps, books, etc) by artist Bindlegrim

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