Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Witches of Spring

But the question is which witch? Here in the third installment of imagery promos for the upcoming Spooklights, our vintage-style Jack O'Lantern pumpkin is this time paired with a green-faced wicked witch. The series began as very saturated, however, I've been periodically toying with a less saturated, vintage tonalities. I think I may go back and edge these more toward the slightly less colorful muted by sepia.

Green-faced witch hovers over light of German-style JOL pumpkin in third of series of Halloween imagery
Like a faded print, the witch and pumpkin are shown here faded from time like a photograph on the wall of a haunted house
Like an Old Movie or Emulsion Film, the Pumpkin and Witch are shown here in Black and White

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