Monday, May 26, 2014

A Halloween Tree

As of today Bindlegrim has packaged and mailed the first dozen Bindlegoods  orders and ran out of posted stock. So I checked materials in the studio and made sure it was okay to stock another 12 of both the Spooklights lamp shade and the candle holder for further availability of these vintage-style decorations on the Halloween store. If you missed the announcement from the Bindlegrim facebook fan page - the Bindlegoods storefront is open for business.

One of the things I love about the maker process is the challenge of designing not only the puzzle-like components to a single Halloween lantern, but making all these various completed objects, (like the shade and base), fit together to create expanding display possibilities. And there were a couple in the Future Release section of the website that needed a little extra work...

This weekend the daunting task of re-designing the "octopus lantern" was finally approached, and happy to report the mock up is even more sturdy than the first. As well, the lamp post, expiring on the drawing board, had a newly hand-cut mock up created today. While it had been originally designed solely  as a lamp post, its similarly formed component structure also allows it to be used with the lamp shade. I envision a forested table display of Halloween trees...

Devil and Scarecrow with German-style Jack O'Lanterns on paper decoration with base in the pattern of old dead tree silhouette

Series of Halloween lanterns in a vintage-style by artist Bindlegrim - the Spooklights featuring silhouette tree form with imagery of JOL, Witch, and Scarecrow

Lamp shade decoration on top of spooky tree silhouette from the Spooklights lighting series by artist Bindlegrim

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