Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sleepy Summer Daze

Ah, drifting again through the heat of the sun and the waves of sound emitting from the summer cicadas... although here in the high desert they sound a little bit more like frantic shop equipment when compared to the lazy lull of their southeastern cousins... (I seriously thought I was hearing someone run a table saw the first time I heard one)...

Anyway, it's that time again for a summer sale isn't it? Did you catch lasts years wipeout of 2012 12-sided lanterns!?!? Well, time for me to stop daydreaming and clean out the studio. I'm quite sure I have some neglected pieces of vintage-style goodies from the 2013 Creeps and Spirits series (both in the form of candy-container lanterns and 12-sided lanterns done in limited editions). More news to come as I start to wake up... In the meantime, you can see some of these in the Bindlegoods gallery.

In the meantime, a big thank-you again for those who shopped the Bindlegoods webstore this past month. As they are made to order I haven't been very good about photographing them, but did just get a pre-assembly order this past holiday weekend... and well, took advantage of the opportunity. Loved seeing these in multiples while I had the chance... (also see the Bindlegoods store blog for more Bindlgrim shop news).

The Spooklights (a complete set of four) shows all characters - devil, witch, black cat, and scarecrow, each with a vintage-inspired German-esque Jack O'Lantern pumpkin

P.S. This year's Halloween Trunk Show in Denver is slated for October 11th...!!!

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