Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crawling Out of the Woodwork

As design materials for Halloween 2014 start filling up the workspace for the new Spooklights series, seems like a good time again for a sale... to bid a final farewell to the work of 2013, and here's just a quick revisit of some of the work that's been lurking about in the dark forgotten crevices of the studio (pictured below) here gussied up as an orange crepe-paper gift-basket of vintage-like goodies.

Limited edition paper goods in a vintage-style by Bindlegrim feature cats, pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, witches, devils, and scarecrows, on decorations for Halloween

Perhaps you caught last year's summer sale that wiped-out the remainder of all 2012 six-sided lanterns? Well, I wasn't sure there would be enough from 2013 but, after some rummaging, discovered there are actually limited-edition packs and some artist-proof singles of Creeps (both candy-boxes and special edition 12-sided lantern), Spirits (candy-containers), Cornish Litany postcards, and signed copies of Tall Tales Stranger Days.

There is no definite date for the beginning of this, (which could perhaps be as soon as this Sunday the 13th). Stay tuned, and I'll do my best to get the message out through the various Bindlegrim channels - facebook, twitter, the newsletter, the blog here, and the news blog now on Bindlegoods.

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