Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vanishing Creeps

Week two of the Bindlegrim sale - and already some items in the Creeps editions are sold out as I pack their bindles with care for cross-country travels literally coast to coast! Again, thank you to all who gathered for week one.

It actually appears that the Summer Lantern Sale might be something of a misnomer, as I seek to fill out some unexpected gaps in the coming weeks - but for you 12-sided lantern fiends (and I know there are a few) I do plan to list the last 12-sided Creeps lantern in the final fourth week.

As I pull together some oddities for week three, here's a quick review of what is currently up for grabs in the second week ending Sunday, July 26th.

Spooky holiday creations - gift boxes, lanterns, books, postcards - by artist Bindlegrim 2014 summer sale

1) Vintage-Style Christmas SPIRITS #5/5 Artist Signed Set KRINGLE, FROST, & KRAMPUS

This listing is for the last full set of vintage-style candy-container lanterns from Spirits, a 5/5 limited edition set of three characters designed, printed, and diecut in the artist's studio. While a couple of characters may show up solo, this is the last of the Krampus characters available.

This is the fifth in an edition of five packaged sets - each character is signed, and the package insert is numbered #5/5.

A paper-lantern candy-container set of signed characters for olde time Christmas
A packaged set of three Christmas characters, or Spirits, by Bindlegrim
Christmas characters by Bindlegrim called the Spirits contained Santa, Jack, Frost, and Krampus, and limited to an edition of 5.

2) Vintage-Style Easter Greetings TO THE HUNT #4/10 Artist Signed Postcard & Folio

Since Bindlegrim reached outside of the Hallowe'en norm for the above Christmas listing... this Easter card was also included to bring in a little more cheer, albeit slightly twisted once again. This print postcard was limited to a run of only ten cards, each with a peek-a-boo folio. This card is signed and numberd #4/10.

Limited edition postcard and peek-a-book folio by holiday artist Bindlegrim for Easter
Peek-a-book folio reveals bad bunny rabbits on a limited edition print postcard by holiday artist Bindlegrim

This is the 2/2 set of artist proofs created before the final 5/5 run of "soot-faced" Creeps. I cannot fully recollect why this set was created before the final packaged sets, but I believe it must have had to do with the direction of the dies upon the 2-ply museum board (since the die cutting process actually gives a subtle front and back edge to the paper). In any case, unlike the 1/2 set sold off the previous year, the 2/2 set was never even bent into shape... as shown here standing at full attentive display in this old crate.

Family of silhouette creeps with light-up eyes, nose, mouth, make up this vintage style set.
Each character in the Creeps editions were signed by the holiday artist Bindlegrim

With Bindlegrim's 2013 lantern stock rapidly vanishing - I continued to grab up a few other items for the sale... and thought it fun to gather a collection of printed goodies. This lot contains the following:
1) On Stranger Winds - Tall Tales for Shorter Days: a signed copy of the book with the newer matte cover (which I love much better than previous editions for its soft touch). The book is a collection of stories and poems (and was a winner of the New Mexico Book Awards in 2013 in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category). Cover art by David Irvine (aka The Gnarled Branch).

2) Cornish Litany cards, 2011, has a limited number #/25 of signed cards. Both here are numbered #6/25. These postcards are artist reprints of the original art that was commissioned by Cornish Litany fanatic Debra Mesiter: A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise.
3) Cornish Litany cards, 2012. This set was originally release with a (sold-out) 12-sided Cornish Litany lantern that contained the same imagery.
4) One set of 4 Hallowe'en cards from the new Spooklights lanterns by Bindlegrim. Un-signed from a moderate run of 100 sets.  

An old crate reveals the spooky works of Bindegrim - a short story book with a number of postcards
The full set contains 14 Cornish Litany cards, 4 Halloween cards, and a Halloween themed book Tall Tales Shorter Days

Thank you once again to all for considering these items for your Halloween bindle. Stay tuned for week 3 starting this Sunday, the 26th.

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