Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grim Bindles (Past and Present)

Week three (of four) for the Bindlegrim sale - and this week really dug deep into the bindle for something old (cards from 2004), to something new (two one-off hybrid lanterns) all ending this coming Sunday August 3rd, 2014.

Spooky holiday creations - gift boxes, lanterns, books, postcards - by artist Bindlegrim 2014 summer sale

1) Vintage-Style HALLOWEEN 9 Card Series: ghosts, pumpkins, bats, haunted houses

Bindle' really scoured the crypt for this set created in 2004. The photo-collages feature original photography and digitally created elements. The background scenery followed a personal journey across the U.S. from the swamps and abandoned house of the Southeast, to the mysterious ghost towns and lonely deserts of the Southwest, to the spooky drizzle and moss-covered roofs of the Northwest. The ghost character was shot in studio, as were some of the props like German-esqe Jack O'Lanterns and bats, and later all was brought in the computer for an artistic integration. You can see more images in this earlier blog entry, or in this flickr set: Hallowe'en.

From a 9 card series of spooky scenes featuring ghosts in haunted houses and creepy places.
Photographic collage art for Halloween by Bindlegrim in a series of nine cards.

2) Vintage-Style Christmas WINTER LIGHTS 6 greeting cards, old electric decor

The imagery here of vintage Christmas lights dating from 1920's to the 1960's, and were photographed by the artist in the studio, with graphic design added later in graphic programs. Cards are approximately 4.25" wide by 5 1/2" tall. More images can be seen in this flickr set: Winter Lights.

Series of 6 art photography cards featuring vintage lights from the 1920s to the 1960s.

This listing is for vintage-style 8-sided lantern hybrid created to test Spooklights for Halloween 2014. The lantern panes are like those for the 12-sided lanterns (and therefore feature the pumpkin-and-leaf motif in the corners). The imagery was for the only non-limited run of lanterns from 2012 known as "The Horrid Decor" and this one features orange and black prints on vellum.

Halloween pumpkin Jack O'Lanterns festooned with vines and crepe paper on orange and black paper lantern
8-sided paper lanterns by Bindlegrim feature 8 Halloween pumpkins in orange and black
This listing is for the 2nd of two vintage-style 8-sided lantern hybrids created to test Spooklights. The lantern feature the pumpkin-and-leaf motif in the corners. The imagery derived from the only non-limited run of lanterns from 2012 known as "The Horrid Decor" and this one features blue and black prints on textured paper.

Eight-sided paper lanterns feature pattern of pumpkins, crepe streamers, and vine leaf motifs in blue and black Halloween
View of Halloween lantern features pattern motif of Jack O'Lantern pumpkins in blue and black with vines, leafs, and bows.

Thank you again, and stick around for next week - the very end of the sale...

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