Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Farewell to Summer (Sale Final Week)

A gargantuous thank-you to all who attended this year's online summer sale of Bindlegrim's past designs 2013, and to those who shared with others... much appreciated...! Wrapping up the last week this Sunday August 10th, 2014 having bid farewell to much of the Creeps pictured below... except for the following:

Spooky holiday creations - gift boxes, lanterns, books, postcards - by artist Bindlegrim 2014 summer sale

1) Vintage-Style Halloween CREEPS #2/5 Silhouette Set Candy-Box Vellum-Eye Lantern

Vintage-style candy-container lanterns from the Creeps (Silhouette Version) #2/5 from a limited run of five signed and sealed during production. The same characters are also found on the 12-sided lantern in listing 2. The design features classic slot-and-tab containers to hold treats, and as an open-top box doubles in function as a lantern. I imagine these (in the photo I failed capture before all were sealed) set for a gruesome table of six at a cool ghoul Hallowe'en party. (You can see various photos of the Creeps here on flickr:

Black silhouette spooky decor for table settings at Halloween feature set of 6 - cat, pumpkin, devil, witch, scarecrow, clown.

Set #2/5 signed Halloween art borders between industrial process and hand-crafted paper goods.

2) Vintage-Style Halloween CREEPS 2/5 Artist Signed 12-Pane Lantern Limited-Edition

The last available listing for this edition --- one vintage-style 12-sided lantern Creeps #2/5. If you've been keeping track of the 12-sided editions, this was #8 in the Bindlegrim series of lanterns (and was a special edition only for the 2013 year), with the panes inspired by the Creeps (Container-Lanterns). I imagine (again in that missed photo opportunity) this lantern hanging as centerpiece to the table of candy-boxes above listed. You can see various photos of the Creeps here on flickr:

Hanging pendant paper lantern decoration by Bindlegrim for Halloween parties

Hanging lamp for Halloween for vintage style decorations to accompany paper crepe streamers.

Thank you again to all those who found new homes for the various Creeps (and other studio oddities) from the 2013 bindle of forgotten goods. I haven't a clue what will appear next year... but stay tuned for the new designs completing the Spooklight series at There's bound to be a few mysterious products that are created in the lab along the way... or perhaps even the remaining stock of Spooklights should they suffer discontinuing before next year's summer sale...

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