Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodnight Sweet Creeps

Thank you again all who stopped by Bindlegrim's 2nd annual summer sale and helped find new homes for all those wayward Creeps! It was great seeing original Bindlegrim buyers, and new alike catching these sales. And I got a nice surprise this year seeing one of the proto-type Spooklights (care of Horrid Decor) hang-out with new and vintage Halloween in the new owner's photograph!

It was especially gratifying because the Creeps had such a late birth last year (days even before the holiday arrived) so it feels good to know they will share there glow this year in Halloween across the states. That's why I wanted to get the Spooklights out early this year, and so happy to see many were already grabbed by early decorators. I'm working as fast I can to get the full line created, and as of this week should see a couple more designs hit the Bindlegoods store - the tree lamp base, and the octopi votive.

In the meantime, I have been having fun with some graphics for the upcoming Halloween Trunk Show that occurs in Denver every year - this year is the 9th...! More details to follow...!

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