Friday, August 15, 2014

Updates on Bindlegood's Spooklights

A quick update on what's happening on Bindlegoods:

The newest addition to the Spooklights line, this "haunted tree" lamp base (candlestick) is now available (picture below). Just like the previous base (featuring a trick-or-treat scene) this will also pair perfectly with the lamp shade (pendant lamp cover).

The newest Spooklight Halloween decoration features a haunted tree lamp base that pairs with a four-sided lantern shade.
One view of the variety of branches that festoon the silhouette of this candlestick base, part of the Spooklights by Bindlegrim
Another view of paper art by Bindlegrim features a craggy old tree silhouette which can be used as candlestick or as base for lamp shade.

The second item (not quite ready) is this monster candle-votive that is a hybrid of German-style Halloween lanterns that has morphed at bottom into a creature that now stands on eight legs. The images here show the first test offering a giant eyeball... although I'm not sure I'm quite pleased with this as a pane option. News to follow - on facebook, twitter, and on the online store Bindlegoods.

Eight-limbed octopus monster black silhouette with large eye-balls by Bindlegrim for Bindlegoods Spooklights series
Spooklight lantern based on vintage-style Halloween lanterns by holiday artist Bindlegrim
Close-up angle of tentacle monster on eight arms, a paper-art lantern by Bindlegrim

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