Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Cornish Litany Commission

Here is a litany (prayer, invocation) you have probably heard, though perhaps not by name, that asks for protection against what gramps from The Pumpkin Dream might term as a woeful host of haints and witches. And the litany goes:
From Ghoulies and Ghosties
and Long-leggety Beasties
and All Things that go Bump in the Night,
Good Lord deliver us!
Words like that are perfect fodder for imaginative sorts to conjure up all sorts of hideous beasts lurking in the darkness... And Debra Meister ( has collected a good number of these postcard visions in her book  A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise. Here are two such examples of vintage cards Debra shared on the website

The book is also a showcase for newer works by such artists (to name a few) as Chuck E. Bloom, Rick Geary, Matthew Kirscht, Chad Savage, as well the author herself. And the author says the third edition (coming next year) will offer even more artists including Ian Miller.

That's amazing company, and I'm thrilled to have been commissioned to create a postcard (or two) for that next edition! As someone who was scolded in my early years for drawing monsters, it is so much fun, as an adult, to return to a project where monsters are actually the subject of concern.  I have completed one work thus far, in a somewhat similar style to the art of The Pumpkin Dream... and have already set my sights now on completing a second work more in line with my surrealist drawings (seen here in monochrome and color).

In the meantime, Debra Meister is offering a full preview of the second edition available on blurb -- until the 3rd edition (preview here updated 1-16-2012) appears, brimming with even more ghoulies and ghosties...! Good Lord Deliver Us all! 

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