Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Haunted Brambles Halloween Lantern (#5)

The Pumpkin Patch (Bindlegrim Lantern released 6-2012):

Who or what creeps restlessly through the brambles of the pumpkin patch at midnight...? Take a peek through an autumnal sky tinged in orange, red, or yellow

Shown in a tree are new June 2012 vintage style Lanterns by Bindlegrim

Bindlegrim returns to the studio - and though the bindle-by-bindle move may not have brought all the usual supplies - it has lent itself to experimentation through discovery of the materials on hand. In this case, a new lantern with an offering of six total created in pairs of orange, yellow, and red.

Style #5 classic style Bindlegrim Halloween lantern in 3 colors.

This newest limited edition was created with silhouettes of vine and leaf motifs merging together with the leaf and Jack O'Lantern design of the black frame. There are 12 separate panes with an overall scene that takes you deep among the brambles of the pumpkin patch, encountering celestial entities, plentiful mice, a bevy of bats, a black widow, a prowling cat, a witch, a skeleton, and of course a few  pumpkins characters such as a jol-headed scrarecrow, and a JOL-headed ghost. And in the middle of all this one very scared little cottage!

Spooky Pumpkin Head Ghost on Paper Pane of Vintage Style Halloween Novelty

Yellow and Orange Versions of The Pumpkin Patch by Bindlegrim for 2012

As with other editions each lantern is signed, numbered, and packaged with label information. They are currently only available from the artist, and one has been listed this past Sunday on ebay - ending on
June 17, 201220:59:01 PDT.

For more images of this lantern (in post and pre-production) - see the following flickr gallery:


Note about construction: The frame is created with acid-free museum board. The pieces were Made in the USA and hand assembled by the artist. Each work is packaged in a cellophane bag and also labeled with its number in the edition. The images are laser-prints on vellum for durability. A 3 watt flicker bulb is recommended - and it should be noted a white bulb might be best on these to keep the color hue of the paper most accurately. Small holes in the top piece are present for hanging the lantern with soft wire or strong thread if you prefer a battery operated candle. 

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