Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Gives Me the Creeps!

There has been a big sigh of relief here in the Bindlegrim labs - as the Creeps have walked off the production slab, and nestled snug in sealed packages ready for new homes. As of tonight there are 3 listings at 3-day auctions on ebay for your consideration, just in time to arrive before Halloween week! Oh, but what shall it be? There are Creeps (Shadow Edition), Creeps (1st Color Run), and Creeps (12-sided lantern). Well obviously the main idea here appears to be giving you the Creeps! Links are listed below in order of first to the last listed.

View of the pumpkin and scarecrow on vintage-style Bindlegrim Halloween paper lantern floating over a sea of vintage orange crepe.

1: Creeps (Shadow Edition) Full set JOL, Witch, Bogle, Cat, Devil, Clown, as stark soot-faced minimalistic design versions. Silhouettes lend to their mystery and fit a classic to modern Halloween decor style... with translucent facial features that glow in the dark. The diecut characters are made of 2-play acid-free museum board (same as Bindlegrim 12-sided lanterns): Vintage-Style Halloween CREEPS SOOT FACE Candy Box Lantern WITCH CAT DEVIL CLOWN

For a modern minimilistic Halloween look these silhouette lanterns look great in a sea of white decor and glow after dark
A folio package of pumpkin, witch, scarecrow, cat, devil, and clown silhouette Halloween slot-tab containers or lanterns by Bindlegrim

2: Creeps (Color Run) is a first edition 5/5 print run of this artist-designed diecut series .This is for the complete set of six characters, on vintage-style slot-and-tab candy container/lanterns offering printed imagery on front, sides, and back, and of course those translucent eyes for that after dark glow:  Vintage-Style Halloween CREEPS Candy Container Lantern Set WITCH CAT DEVIL CLOWN
Creeps on crepe, these vintage-style slot-tab candy container lanterns by Bindlegrim for Halloween 2013
Bindelgrim set of six Creeps (vintage-style candy-container slot-tab lanterns glowing with candle light at night)
3: Creeps: (12-Side Lantern) - A very special limited edition return of the Bindlegrim 12-sided vintage style Halloween lantern with Creeps imagery! If your counting this very special 5/5 limited run is the eighth Bindlegrim 12-side lantern and was unplanned but the idea spilled over from the candy container/lantern project seen above - here re-introduced on full-color translucent vellum scenes: Vintage-Style Halloween CREEPS 12-Side Lantern WITCH CAT DEVIL CLOWN SCARECROW

Vintage-style paper lantern by Bindlegrim features six creepy characters for Hallowen - clown, devil, witch, cat, pumpkin, & scarecrow.
A packaged lantern by Bindlegrim (top view) features the creeps - jack o'lantern pumpkin, clown, and witch
A packaged lantern by Bindlegrim (lower view) features the creeps - black cat, scarecrow, and devil

So that's all for now all you autumn-minded folks! Please accept the deepest of apologies for squeezing these in so close to Halloween... but auctions will end Wednesday, October 23rd, and I can be sure to ship on Thursday in time for next week's celebrations.

Happy Halloween from Bindlegrim...!!!

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