Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sketchy Beginnings...

By way of brief introduction, (jumping past the last few years), some time ago I was searching for a subject that would give my fine art ventures a lighter side, and perhaps stoke my wan business sense toward an area that more strongly interested me... which, to make a long story short... turned my wandering eye toward one of my all-time favorite realms --- holiday arts, (especially Halloween).

To cut forward to today, my most recent goal (among a few others) is to now publish an illustrated Halloween poem. The artwork is done, and the editor is combing over the text... and I'm guessing my main subject matter here will now be the adventure of production, and beyond...  with news on some type of publishing result.

As for now, I just wanted to get this initial post pushed forward, and to post a couple of rough sketches from the project's early days of conception:

The first is a pencil drawing scanned from the sketchbooks, and the second is a vector version using Illustrator CS5. While I really enjoyed these (and wanted the vector version to be seen), the look of the art took a different stylistic turn. And, since I want to venture occasionally into various processes, I thought these made an appropriate start for future subjects that may concern the development of the book and my holiday art in general...

Thank you for stopping by, and I'm welcoming of any thoughts concerning DIY publishing, experimental book formats, and/or 3rd party publishers.


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