Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iBook Apple-Pumpkin

I guess this past week was a bit of a crash time for me..., but still quite busy... I'm still working on making sure all the various formats of the book are released. The digital version has been approved via the Smashword Premium Catalog and most recently appeared on the iTunes bookstore...! Prices for the digital release start at $2.99.

Note - I did get to see this on a friend's iPhone today, and thought it looked great (!!!) - (minus a few small formatting issues I hope to fix on the next upload). I noticed that the book works very well turned in a horizontal direction (at least on his iPhone, and I shrunk the text a bit - I think he said he had his upped). I wasn't crazy about the occurrences of hyphenation orphans (and wish the full word would just drop to the next line, but again that's a small thing out of my control... it was a small screen after all).
Pumpkin Dream - eBook Cover

I have to say, it's very difficult to think ahead of what may happen in such a nebulous digital realm (and to accept that as true), with so many different types of electronic book readers with their own layout interpretations! Many electronic book reader formats are not yet designed for poetry layouts and illustrated text, so, as of this writing, illustrative writers are sorta pushing the envelope.

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