Friday, December 16, 2011

Red, Black, & White Christmas

I've been rediscovering my love for a certain vintage palette while perusing the vintage Christmas cards on flickr, loving any graphics and/or illustrations that are in the high contrast combination of red, black, and white. (Below is a vintage card that I had found recently at an antique store that re-sparked this interest).

I started checking out many more vintage images in this palette that others have found and posted on flickr. Here are just a handful that I have spotted over the last days that I really love and, beneath them are now four links to galleries created to house eighteen images in each.

Musical Santas

Vintage Cottage Christmas Card

Vintage Snowman Christmas Card...From EMBALMING SCHOOL!!!  O_______O

Rooster Weathervane Christmas Card, 1950's

Red, Black, & White Christmas 3
There were also a couple more that I couldn't get into a gallery that I thought were really wonderful - and I had to include at least one of those too:

early 1960s Christmas card

Similarly inspired, while listing The Grim Happy Christmas, on etsy today (where you can now purchase a signed copy), I took a look around the etsy shops too, and decided to create a treasury of red, black, and white Christmas items both vintage and handmade. I hope you'll take a look there too, and have fun!

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