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Ghost in the Machine (Tall Tales for E-Book)


Bindlegrim Releases New E-Book Digital Edition Horror/Humor Collection:
Tall Tales, Stranger Days

Holiday artist Bindlegrim (aka Robert Aaron Wiley) releases second edition of short story collection On Stranger Winds now in popular e-book formats for Kindle and iPad, following the release of a more traditional printed first edition.

Spooky and humorous collection of short stories  Tall Tales for Shorter Days now offered free or at low cost of $3 with digital version.

January 19, 2013 - Robert Aaron Wiley (creator of Bindlegrim™) follows up printed collection of spooky stories “On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days” with new e-book edition. This second edition is released through Amazon Kindle (offering Kindle and iPad formats). Depending on the customers' preferred format and memberships, the availability is very affordable - as free loaner or low purchase cost of $3 USD.

Amazon reader reviews have been positive. “The author has a wonderful ability to set an eerie scene and draw you further into the stories with delightful and/or weird characters.” (Irene Stanton, Amazon). “Time to cozy up in a bed of frosty autumn leaves under a dead oak tree and read through this wonderful book again!” (Dranem, Amazon).

The author admits backlash from at least one critic. The introductory story, The Herbivorous Witch received the following angry review after submission to a un-named magazine: "Quite frankly, I found all of the characters unlikable. The aunt was unintelligent and all the angrier for it, Solace was pretentious and bratty, Ferris was somewhat underdeveloped, and Pearl was as annoying as her mother.” The author counters, ”...the person nailed a surface reading of the characters as written, which makes me grin... The piece drew this person to finish, and was powerful enough to require an outline of offense. In my book, that's a good story!” ( The true audience for this book will get that too.

"On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days" © 2012 Robert Aaron Wiley is currently available in print and e-book in both U.S. and Europe. Quality paperback, 138 pages, at $7.95 (Amazon print -edition one) and digital e-book download (Amazon Kindle - edition two). Cover art is by David Irvine (The Gnarled Branch) and Foreword by Daniel Boyer of Critical Corner.

About Bindlegrim (aka Robert Aaron Wiley)

The author cites examples like the mysterious kudzu-covered landscapes of an abandoned South as primary influences during youthful studies in fine art; a search for wonder that led him to relocate to Albuquerque and to Seattle, each for their rich support of cultural and artistic diversity. Pursuing fine art media and classical world music, the artist discovered a happier balance through the creation of recent alter ego Bindlegrim - outlet for whimsical exploration of seasonal holidays and their mix of curious imagery with inventive design.

For more information about "On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days", please visit or contact Bindlegrim Press at

On Stranger Winds: Tall Tales for Shorter Days by Bindlegrim author Robert Aaron Wiley is a short story and poetry collection featuring art by David Irvine and foreword by Daniel Boyer

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