Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last Week - Bindlegrim Lantern Sale!

Last week of Bindlegrim's 2012 studio stock of vintage-style lanterns, featuring the Ghoulies and Ghosties of The Cornish Litany, dark denizens The Pumpkin Patch, and 12 angry devils in Gruss von Krampus.

Close up view of 2 panes in a 12 pane limited edition artist lantern featuring scenes of Christmas Krampus devil
Limited edition lantern (close up) features 12 images of the Christmas devil Krampus

Final stock count for a final week. These are the last 2012 Bindlegrim lanterns left...
  • #1 The Pumpkin Dream (of 5) - Orange (Sold Out)
  • #2 The Cornish Litany (of 9) -  Purple (Sold Out) - Green (Sold Out) - Orange (stock:1)
  • #3 The Haint House (of 5) - Orange (Sold Out)
  • #4 The Space Witches (of 5) - Orange (Sold Out)
  • #5 The Pumpkin Patch (of 6) - Orange (Sold Out) - Yellow (Sold Out) - Red (stock:1)
  • #6 The Horrid Decor (currentty Sold Out)
  • #7 Gruss von Krampus (of 3) - (stock:1)

1: The (last) Cornish Litany (From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-leggety Beasties and All Things that go Bump in the Night, Good Lord deliver us!) Lantern (orange) with 12 postcards included, features a host of scary characters in gothic settings terrorizing people. Bindlegrim began work on Cornish Litany imagery in 2011 seen in Meister's collection "A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise": CORNISH LITANY vintage style LANTERN (Orange/Black) & 12 POSTCARD SET Bindlegrim

Vintage-style lantern by Bindlegrim features verse and imagery of The Cornish Litany
Poem & Verse Lighting Fixture of Paper & Vellum by Holiday Artist BindlegrimPackage View of Limited Edition Cornish Litany Lantern with Illustration by Bindlegrim with Traditional Verse

2: The (last) Pumpkin Patch (in red) was created with a focus on vine and leaf motifs to closely merge with the leaf and pumpkin design of the frame. The scene is midnight, deep in the brambles of the pumpkin patch, crawling with a number of spooky creatures staring back at you. And in the middle of all this one very scared little cottage:  PUMPKIN PATCH (Red Black) vintage style HALLOWEEN lantern + STORYBOOK Bindlegrim

 This limited edition paper lantern by Bindlegrim features red & black Halloween imagery

View of top 12 window panes in vintage style Halloween latern by Bindlegrim holiday artistBottom view of vintage style Halloween art by Bindlegrim in red black illustration pendant lantern

3: Gruss von Krampus: (last one #2/3) -  In some alpine regions of Europe, Saint Nicholas has a helper Krampus to assist with disciplinary difficulties. This helper-devil carries a bundled switch and a basket to carry off the truly incorrigible. The 12 different scenes of Krampus shenanigans on this lantern were inspired by the look of vintage postcards (often stating "Gruss from Krampus" or Greetings from Krampus Last KRAMPUS DEVIL Vintage-Style Lantern 2/3 Christmas Halloween Red Black White

Pendant lantern #2/3 limited edition paper lantern by Bindlegrim features illustrations of the Chritsmas demon Krampus
12 side paper lantern features red black original illustrations by Bindlegrim of European tradition Gruss von Krampus imagery

Coming soon...
Halloween 2013...!!!!

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  1. It's October 20th - yikes!

    See the latest Bindle-blog posts during these last days of October for more Bindlegrim goodies new for Halloween 2013 like vintage-style candy containers and special edition 12-sided lantern...!

    Happy Hallowe'en!


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