Saturday, September 13, 2014


With eyes inspired by a certain Redon painting, this limited production lantern is now available from the Bindlegood online store....

Eight legs and 4 bulbous eyes are featured on this monster paper lantern for Halloween decor or any time of year

Creature decor by paper designer Bindlegrim features 8 legs and an inverted vintage-style lamp shade for Halloween or any time of year

Bindlegrim paper artist takes the classic 1930s lantern shade and turns it upside down on top of an octopus monster body

Peering at top of cephalopod vintage-style lantern by Bindlegrim for spooky lighting in home decor.

Vintage-style diecut designs by Bindlegrim feature acid-free museum board into Halloween decorations

Cephalopod creature lantern looks down at the possible corpse of the artist, feet in the air.

View more of Bindlegrim 2014 designs on flickr... 

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