Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Pumpkin Parade

Cast of characters in a pumpkin parade from the Halloween picture book by author Robert Aaron Wiley

As I was preparing for this year's 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show in Denver - I created a couple of coffee mugs on the Bindlegrim store on zazzle. One mug displays the banner from the blog (above) and the other is a trick or treat parade with a few of the major and minor characters from the illustrated poem The Pumpkin Dream.

Halloween mug available on zazzle featuring characters from the poem The Pumpkin Dream by Robert Aaron Wiley

Below is a gallery of products including the new mugs now available from the store that includes mugs, t-shirts, and trick or treat bags. Many of these items allow you to customize size, color, and style:

Also, I don't mind pointing out a few other stores on zazzle that I really really recommend you visit - Johanna Parker Design - Retro Rudolph's - Spookshows

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