Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pumpkin Dreams for Sale

As October rolls around, and I'm busily preparing for the 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show here in Denver, it seemed only appropriate to create a pre-show discount on this year's new illustrated Halloween poetry book The Pumpkin Dream.

Halloween poetry picture book by author and illustrator Robert Aaron Wiley

This also gives me a chance to try out this coupon code thingy that you can do as an author of a book via CreateSpace. If you order The Pumpkin Dream via CreateSpace (directly from the distributor that is) in the next two weeks (from now September 24th until October 7th) and use this code: 54G4ZYNU, the book will sell for $11.95 rather than the regular $14.95.

I've also just newly discovered these gallery modules from flickr, and here is a selection of imagery posted from the book's origins to final first edition/industry edition printings:


  1. The discount code worked. Can't wait to get my copy.

  2. Whew. I should have got off my lazy pumpkinp-butt and tried that earlier - glad to hear it worked! And thank you for following my blog rambles. Enjoy and I welcome your review once you receive it...

    And best regards to the beautiful northwest. I sure wouldn't mind a long autumn journey down 101 through Oregon right now... and I miss how well the antique stores in Portland really show it up for the holidays.


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