Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color your own Pumpkin Dream

Having great fun this year at Bindlegrim studios working on dimensional art and lanterns, yet there are, as a reminder to self, at least a couple of new print projects in the ol' bindle that need to be accomplished before the summer is done!

One, previously mentioned, is self-publishing short story writings under the working title "Sketchbook of Straw" and it is hoped this might be a series of small books containing perhaps a few stories and poems in subsequent volumes. The first volume will definitely contain two works titled "The Herbivorous Witch" and "The Jitter Dance", while two other stories are near completion with working titles "Ol' Bugbag" and "The Thief of Pumpkin Heart".

Project two, is converting last year's Halloween poem "The Pumpkin Dream" into a large format coloring book.  Here are a few examples from what would be a book of about 40 drawings:

Excerpt from Halloween coloring book for 2012 by Bindlegrim based on The Pumpkin Dream.

The Pumpkin Dream coloring book (2012) featuring Halloween window display for trick or treat children.

From a Halloween coloring book by Bindlegrim the black and white drawing features a classic cottage yard haunt.

Spooky game of owl and mouse on Halloween night in coloring book for 2012 by Bindlegrim

As background to this, while working on the original book , I had felt the simple graphic designs of the original art style would be appropriate for outlining in black and white - allowing the kid at heart to choose their own color palette. (And since I've previously had some great fun creating free 8-page downloadable coloring books while working at Microsoft) it seemed like a natural progression. And so I've begun work on transforming the original art from The Pumpkin Dream into outlines, and am about halfway there!

Stay tuned for more news of publish dates for these two projects as the summer passes, when the air begins to whisper of the expectations of the fall holiday season.Until then Bindlegrim is stubbornly trying to doze the summer away beneath the drone of the cicadas. Wake up, Bindlegrim!

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