Saturday, August 1, 2015

Short, Sharp, Stocked (no longer)

As announced earlier today on the Bindlegrim facebook page it was cleaning day in the studio (beneath monsoon skies) and a few items (the last of their kind) were gathered up for an official 3rd annual summer sale - see preview image below. Note this will be a very quick and small sale starting tomorrow (8-2-2015) finishing at the end of this one week of listings. End results of this sale will be used to fuel the 2015 releases which should be out the beginning of September!

Image features black silhouette package of 6 Creeps, a 12-sided paper lantern Harvest Moon (with Jack O'Lantern pumpkin couple) and a lampshade called Traditional Grim in classic orange and black.

The sale will at least include the last available of some items shown above: 1 package of 6 silhouette Creeps (2013), a 12-sided lantern "#9 - Harvest Moon" (2014), and a 12-sided lantern "#10 - Traditional Grim" (2014). More details will post very soon! 

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