Monday, September 14, 2015

Go Forth and be Beastlie...

Thank you all for your patience with this one-spook enterprise as the initial Beasties are assembled and shipped. These are new processes to the stiff ol' Bindle fingers, and I want to make sure these vintage-style honeycomb baskets are done correctly. I hope you'll let me know what you think upon their arrival at your doorstep... and maybe snap a photo or two of them in your autumn decor. See previous entry for some display ideas.

I really enjoyed packaging the first three inside their vellum envelopes tonight and boxing them up for their journey. Here's a photo of #1/50 just before the lid closed... and Bindlegrim slouched off to bed with a contented grumble.

Black cat and witch seen peering through the envelope of a limited-edition package ready for the mail for the Halloween holiday by Bindlegrim.

Scarecrow and devil are 2 of 4 honeycomb vintage-style decorative baskets for the autumn holiday.

What makes a Beastie? These roly-polys use a orange tissue-paper honeycomb re-created to have the smaller spacing and layer count of vintage items circa 1920-1930. The characters have a slot within the basket that allows for Halloween treats or placement of a small battery operated tealight. Authentically diecut characters are dual-side printed (in a limited-edition run) in rich color of blacks, oranges, and yellows on a thick 34pt matte stock. (with an almost waxy surface) They can be placed in upright positions (with minimal support), tilted (at their randomly natural angle), or as I discovered when a wind came thru the window - in spinning motion across the table.

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