Thursday, February 23, 2012

Halloween Lantern v1: The Pumpkin Dream

Arghhh! Once again Ichabod's Cottage has been dumped on by heavy snow and the scarecrow has officially had it since being dumped on back in October - as have the Bindlegrim denizens maybe even long before then, with a single tiny blue snow shovel to dig them out. With all this white stuff falling, at least work is proceeding on the warm orange glows of  a new hex-shaped paper lantern!

Detail of Halloween lantern showing mouse from The Pumpkin Dream by Bindlegrim

Now that The Haint House has sadly departed, not only has there been development of new images, but also a glance back to the original lantern content of style #1. I was nervous that with the excitement of getting really spooky for #3 The Haint House, it would have spoiled me, however, I'm really thrilled with #1 The Pumpkin Dream, (also a limited edition of 5), especially now that I see it complete. I'm enjoying the simplicity of the imagery that to me seems very classic Halloween. The mostly even positive and negative space of the orange and black seems to focus attention on the silhouettes within the fields of orange!

Here is #1 The Pumpkin Dream, Halloween lantern, in a series of shots spinning the lantern to the left, so that you can get different views of the form in six and four panel increments. (I decided this time to show a peak at the lantern in  darker settings lit by a 3 watt flicker bulb). 

View One of The Pumpkin Dream Halloween lantern by Robert Aaron Wiley for Bindelgrim

Limited Edition Halloween lantern with 3 watt flicker bulb by Bindlegrim

Another view of a paper Halloween lantern in the dark by Bindlegrim

Vintage style silhouette Halloween lantern featuring art by Robert Aaron Wiley

Twelve panel paper and vellum lantern in orange and black

Spooky paper Halloween lantern in vintage style by Bindlegrim

View 8 of a paper Halloween lantern by Robert Aaron Wiley for Bindlegrim

Updated images of The Pumpkin Dream on Halloween Lantern for Bindlegrim holiday products

So for the uninitiated, The Pumpkin Dream theme is directly related to a book of the same name released last year in 2011. (I was actually working on completing the book in earnest around this same time last year, so in a way, for me, this lantern is commemorative)...

The Pumpkin Dream poetry was a tradition-in-process of mine for a few years, that was illustrated in retro style characters with a palette of orange and black, and released as a DIY publishing venture via various local stores, my favorite pumpkin patch, and Amazon. Note: I've decided to list the lantern with a copy of the book - yet if you are interested in the book itself, I might suggest etsy for a signed copy.

Illustrated Halloween poem picture book by author and illustrator Robert Aaron Wiley titled The Pumpkin Dream

Illustration with dingbats for an illustrated Halloween poem by author and illustrator Robert Aaron Wiley in the book The Pumpkin Dream

For those familiar with the book, you'll see some small twists in the imagery of the lantern. This final version is a mix of characters and dingbats brought together in new scenes. While the major characters are still present, some of the minor trick-or-treat characters took center stage in panels of their own --- the Princess and the Superhero have found love, the "Jack the Ripper" is being spooked by a spider, and while the Trick-or-Treat Ghost is being haunted by real spirits, the Devil has absconded with his JOL parade lantern.

Hope you enjoy the new adventures of these characters and I'll be sure to post a Bindlegrim blogger entry, facebook message, or twitter message, when this limited edition lantern, in style #1, is available. Happy hauntings from beneath the snow covered cottage of Ichabod's.


  1. Hey you, I didn't know you had a blog! How fantastico! I love your work, and the lantern is to die for.

  2. Hi Diane! Glad you found it! I was worried I was screaming at everyone to See My Blog!!! See My Blog!!! ^_^ Ugh, and now on top of Facebook Flickr, Blogger, Zazzle, Live365, etc... I'm on Twitter and CafePress too as of this past week...

    Totally happy to see you enjoying the new work! It's been great fun and a catalyst for a series of image themes. Right now I'm having a great time working on the theme of witches and rockets (see the previous entry)... and after that it's off to discover the land of fairies. I didn't know this venture would require so much travel... ;-)

  3. OH, how I would love and adore " The Pumpkin Dream, Halloween lantern " .... !!! and a copy of the Pumpkin Dream book.... are they available anymore ?

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by the Bindle-blog. Currently the book The Pumpkin Dream is on Amazon only at the moment. All of The Pumpkin Dream lanterns sold out.

      Now, I do have some ideas you should see in future. I want to do a 2nd edition book in better quality printing, maybe hardcover (!!!) as well as a separate coloring book. I would love to do that all before next year - it could happen. :-) Maybe I should do a set of commemorative lanterns for the release of those...?


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