Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lantern v1 and the CafePress Space Cat

Just a short follow up from the previous blog entry that the newest version of 12-sided vintage style paper Halloween lanterns is now posted for sale, to end Mar 04 2012 Sunday evening. And though the last one (v3: The Haint House) reached up there, this new one (v1: The Pumpkin Dream) is currently at a great price, and worth stopping by to peruse a listing that comes with both lantern and book:

Pumpkin Dream #2/5 Lantern & Book: vintage style Halloween poem & art Bindlegrim

Halloween lantern and book The Pumpkin Dream by Bindlegrim

So, if anyone is as confused with the various versions, as I am trying to explain them, here is a quick overview on the series. I believe this is important because although the lanterns may appear similar at first glance from post to post - the content of each lantern is a  limited run... and, so far, the editions have only numbered five prints per version. (That means when one edition is sold out - they won't come back).

Below is a list of the versions as of this date, and I added release dates too because the designs don't necessarily follow availability:

v1) The Pumpkin Dream (limited run of 5 - released 2-26-2012)
v2) The Cornish Litany - to be announced
v3) The Haint House (limited run of 5 - released 2-12-2012)
v4) The Space Witches - working title, to be announced

v5 & beyond) - to be announced

This all breaks down to something like v1: #1/5, v1: #2/5, etc.., so each lantern is signed with the version name and the # in the edition. The latest posted lantern is signed "The Pumpkin Dream" #2/5, 2012 Bindlegrim (and has the artist's special Halloween signature). The labels of each lantern also contain the version name and edition number.

So, if you are enjoying the various imagery and themes as much as I am creating them - I want to be sure each time to post photos of the lanterns in the round. And here are some detail shots of v1: The Pumpkin Dream turning the lantern toward the left.

1930s cartoon style house on Halloween lantern The Pumpkin Dream by Bindlegrim

Sign to Craven and Goblin on Halloween lantern from Bindlegrim

Haunted forest and skeleton graveyard on vintage style Pumpkin Dream Halloween lantern from Bindlegrim

As a further note - for those of you who like a particular theme, I'm also releasing some related products. For example, v2: The Cornish Litany has a series of 12 postcards, and both v2: The Cornish Litany and v:4 The Space Witches now have some cool tee-shirts available on CafePress that are great any time of year:

And here is one my favorites so far. It's in uniform style with pocket-size chest design, and features an outer space kitteh in its antenna topped helmet frustratingly filled with little white mice. How are you going get those mice, space cat???

Outer space cat with white mice in its helmet by Bindlegrim


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