Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peeking into the Christmas Box

We may be rushing Christmas a bit here at Bindlegrim Productions, but snow has fallen before Halloween could arrive, and even now snow keeps doing its best to extinguish the presence of the Jack O'Lanterns. (And if you've been following the gardens at Ichabod's Cottage, check out our pumpkin-head scarecrow trying to chew its way out from under the snow in this late season battle between Autumn and Winter).

And so while the Halloween poem The Pumpkin Dream is finding its way back on a temporary shelf (and we happily thank all of those who purchased a copy in its initial year of self publication), there is another holiday classic from the Bindlegrim library being dusted off, and given a fresh design, for your Christmas enjoyment in 2011. And here's a little sneak peek:

Unpacking Christmas - Christmas elf comes out of the box - Book photography (c) 2001 Robert Aaron Wiley for Bindlegrim Productions
Is it time to unpack the Christmas box?
Photograph (c) 2001 Robert Aaron Wiley from The Saddest Christmas Ever

Christmas elf eyes close up - Book photography (c) 2001 Robert Aaron Wiley for Bindlegrim Productions
Are you already thinking about Christmas too?
Photograph (c) 2001 Robert Aaron Wiley from The Saddest Christmas Ever

Above are just a couple of the original photographs from a book created in 2001. The somewhat sad story behind these photographs is that we had decided at our house, due to ongoing financial challenges, to cancel Christmas (something that happened quite a few times in the immediate years that followed). I had decided that year to at least use a few things on hand (an inkjet printer, a tiny sketchbook and pen, and the digital camera) to create a tiny book/card gift to my partner, containing an original story that will be revealed here over the next couple of weeks.

This year the book is being updated and it's characters looks forward to sharing a message of hope with everyone. Below are a couple of facing pages from this updated version:

Screenshot of page layout re-design for an original Christmas story book (c) 2001 by Robert Aaron Wiley

I believe the content of the book is relative to all of us who haven't always had the means to celebrate the holidays, and the book would be appreciated by those who seek deeper meaning in the madness and/or emptiness that sometimes surround these celebrations, (this may be even more true as great numbers of us experience a tough economy). So as we work hard here to pull this book together at the studio, we're reflecting on Christmas past and of those to come, and we hope for the best to everyone this Christmas 2011. May the times be joyous!

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