Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with the Sun and the Moon

After cold temperatures in Colorado this past week, and 10" of wet snow that broke branches and dampened spirits... the warm temperatures are back on a perfect afternoon. It's beautiful here and just a bit breezy - enough to make the corn shocks and scattered leaves whisper of the night to come. Went out to the scarecrow and found the sun setting just over the rim of his top, to create a bright white blink upon this Halloween afternoon. Happy Halloween from Bindlegrim at Ichabod's Cottage!!!

Afternoon Spark

11-1: And just to follow up with at least one night photo...

The warm weather held out as the night waned and the scythe moon crossed the sky, and all was quiet except for the cool breezes and an occasional trick-or-treater, and even some occasional scurrying from wild animals. And as I was taking the below photo (though not shown here) and as I was looking into the sky, I saw a shooting star streak across the night sky. Magical...!!! Happy Halloween 2011...!!!

Scarecrow at night - Halloween holiday photography for Bindlegrim by Robert Aaron Wiley

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