Friday, October 14, 2011

Pome and Trunk Shows Past

Okay, here it is October and I don't think I've had such a long absence from the blog... and there is news...! News of local shops carrying The Pumpkin Dream, and images from last Saturday's 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show to share!

First news first, I wanted to thank a great local store here in Denver, near Washington Park, for carrying The Pumpkin Dream among its selection of books for Halloween and young readers. Pome is a great shop that frequently focuses on items for sell from local artists, so that the jewelry, clothes, scents, bags, knick knacks, and of course Halloween goodies, are not always common items found in any other store.

Pome Halloween Display with The Pumpkin Dream in Denver

Did you spot it? Yes, The Pumpkin Dream has found its way to a spooky display of books, treats, candles, masks, clothing, and more, together with a group of vintage Halloween decorations and party items. (Also, as a side note, check out the awesome vintage cabinet of candy near the back of the store for more goodies for your Halloween sugar fix).

Pome Halloween Display with The Pumpkin Dream in Denver

For more images, check out the larger Pome gallery of the shop now posted to the photostream on flickr:

And finally, going back in time a bit, catching up from last week, it's been almost a week now since the 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show in Denver, yet still enjoying the vibe from a wonderful experience, and I wish to express a belated thank-you to all who braved the rare soggy weather here to come out and see the show and to those who purchased the The Pumpkin Dream and items from the Bindlegrim booth!

Author illustrator selling the book The Pumpkin Dream at the 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show in Denver

So many awesome vendors, and I regretted that my own time management (getting the booth together at the start of the show) was not faster so that I could take in the view before the show - however, Halloween artist Johanna Parker has an absolutely great Halloween Trunk Show gallery of the show on her flickr photostream:

That's it for now. Very busy here in the world of Halloween, and hope everyone is having a great October. I'll see if I can't write here again soon...!

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