Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Grim Poetry of the Pumpkin

With October 31st just around the corner, I've re-styled (in a bright pumpkin-colored orange glow) a few snippets of spooky lines from the illustrated Halloween poem The Pumpkin Dream offering a sampling of the poetic content and tone.

While the overall poem expresses a variety of points of view (from fun-loving to dark), the poem selection here is more from the view of a wary narrator and the warning lines from grandpa... (and one reader told me they appreciated the lesson that grandpa is trying to teach). So, well, whatever interpreation you take from this tale of trick-or-treat, and to whichever point of view you prefer as the lesson, I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and perhaps as I do imagine these lines best read in the deeply rich voice of Vincent Price or Boris Karloff:

Haints, Witches, and Ghouls Halloween Poem with a Mouse and Jack O'Lantern surrounded by Skulls, Goblins, and Scary MonstersHalloween Poem of The Pumpkin Dream by Bindlegrim with a Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern eaten by a Mouse hunted be an OwlHalloween Poem by Bumble Bindlegrim of The Pumpkin Dream when a Trick-or-Treat Mouse and Jack O'Lantern see a Spooky Scarecrow and signs to Craven Farm

For further blog entries on the written content of the book also see blog entry: The Coincidence of Pumpkin Dream Symbolism or visit Halloween Alliance for an interview In the Pumpkin Patch with Mr. Bindlegrim.

Happy Halloween 2011...!!!

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