Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pre-Halloween Snow at Ichabod's

A good thing I picked all the pumpkins out of the garden last night and brought them to the porch, or I might have had a hard time finding them again.  Just a few days before Halloween - and we have gone from brilliant autumn leaves against blue skies... to a heavy limb-breaking snow pack beneath grey snowfall!

Here our garden scarecrow (above) wears the latest fashions of snowpack hat and cornshock bowtie....  just a few days before Halloween... whereas (below) yesterday was full of blue skies and brilliant autumn colors. Okay, well maybe he's not too upset - I think the big bowtie was a bit humiliating.

Well, I am still in expectation of the Halloween holiday regardless of the weather - and it was actually really wonderful after a bit of strenuous snow shoveling to lie in a blanket of white and watch the quiet whisper of snow fall on my face. I was warned it would snow on or around Halloween here, but hopefully this will melt off and bring back the beautiful autumn colors and the crunch of dry leaves (not the crunch of snowpack under your feet). The Halloween pumpkins haven't even been carved yet...!

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