Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow Glow for Halloween Scarecrows

Bindlegrim is very happy to say that here at Ichabod's Cottage the snow from the 26th has been slowly melting away and that the plans to spookify the garden scarecrow moved forward today...(much to his relief I think because that big cors-shock bow-tie was rather emasculating before that burning flame-lit head was set atop of it).

Will O'Wisp - from spooky Halloween photography of a pumpkin head scarecrow in the snow - by Robert Aaron Wiley for Bindlegrim

Well, it seemed worthwhile shooting a few dramatic photos of the event, (to make up for all those wintery-appearing photos in the previous blog), to get back to the classic look of autumn.

Brrr, okay, some of these shots still show snow in them... but it's supposed to head back into the sixties the next couple of days, and while part of me is relieved at the disappearance of snow - I'm a little bit intrigued by the thought of a snowy Halloween (and have visions of pumpkin-lantern parades traveling through a snowy forest).

Well, again, it has been fun watching the change in seasons here in Colorado (after being in Seattle for the last ten), and I have posted the above photos with more from this past snow-filled week together with photos of the various seasons here at Ichabod's Cottage gallery on flickr.


  1. I've been really captivated by your artistic vision, and thank you for the good words!
    The sunset, pumpkin glow, and street lamp, made for some wild color casts on these...!


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