Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pumpkin Dreams in the Haint House

Wow, time is really flying and Halloween countdowns are popping up all over! That's pretty scary as I'm frantically finishing the proof for Sketchbook of Straw, and still hoping for a late September or very early October release (and watch news for some free copies to be given away)!

In the meantime, Bindlegrim is offering some of the limited edition lanterns that popped up ever so briefly during this past year! Some of these were held back for the Halloween season, and with so many desirable Halloween goodies out there right now, this may be a chance to get them at a good price.  These lanterns end on ebay this Sunday night September 16th.

1: The Pumpkin Dream #4/5 will be packaged together with the lantern and a copy of the book that gave it its name. This is one of three left with this particular pane imagery:

Bindlegrim Pumpkin Dream limited edition vintage style lantern #4/5 (last of 3) available for October 2012

The lantern was inspired by scenes, characters, and dingbats from The Pumpkin Dream. And for images see the gallery below:

2: The Haint House #5/5 was the very first lantern Bindlegrim offered, and it was pretty ferociously swept up (perhaps given its creepy content), and this is one of only two left with this particular pane imagery:

This lantern was inspired by old vintage images of haunted houses - and there are 12 distinct images with doors, windows, and cracks, oozing with skeletons, ghosts, ghouls, witches, ghosts, bugs, snakes, zombies, and other Halloween oddities:

Wishing everyone a great autumn as you plan your decorating scheme for the upcoming holiday! I had a bit of fun creating this grouping here that features some of the many vintage items that have inspired me to create Halloween art, especially lanterns. Cheers!

Vintage Halloween lanterns by Beistle 1920s-10=940s

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