Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Litany of Space Witches

Would that he could, Bindlegrim would most certainly be visiting The Halloween Trunk Show in Denver this weekend  (details at bottom) however, Bindlegrim is happy to be offering some limited edition lanterns online. These were held back just for the Halloween season, and this is perhaps the last gasp for the 2012 Halloween. Two of these lanterns end on eBay this Sunday night September 30th - that's October Eve!

1: The Cornish Litany #/9 #/3 : This lantern (listed together with a set of 12 postcards) features verse of The Cornish Litany originally seen on postcards from Cornwall in the early century. This lantern features a Bindlegrim-esque take on this frightful prayer, and I was happy to see this get a nod this year from the Pumpkinrot blog:

Vintage style paper lantern featuring The Cornish Litany of Ghoulies and Ghosties by Bindlegrim

From Ghoulies and Ghosties
and Long-leggetty Beasties
and All Things that go Bump in the Night,
Good Lord deliver us!
The Cornish Litany paper lantern of Ghoulies and Ghosties by Bindlegrim is perfect for Halloween

Read more about the lantern (and related postcards) from this blog entry Lanterns for Ghoulies and Ghosties or see more images in the following flickr gallery:

2: The Space Witches #4/5 was quite honestly just a riot to create! This lantern features 12 different images based on plastic candy containers of witches and rockets. Bindlegrim expanded this idea to take a journey into outer space, traveling with these witches and their black cats, to encounter aliens and other problems - like white mice running loose inside your space helmet!

Vintage style Halloween lantern by Bindlegrim features witches and cats in outer space

Read more in this past blog entry A Cyclonic Cavalcade of Witches and Rockets or
view the following flickr gallery:

So, in the meantime, there has been a red pen marking up the proof copy of the new book. And promise to get the news out as soon as that is available, with some offers for a number of free copies! Until then, best wishes to all those attending the multitude of shows that are coming up just around the corner, such as The Halloween Trunk Show (Saturday, September 29th: 12 noon - 6pm at Leo's Garage 1563 S Pearl St., Denver 80210)Ghoultide Gathering, and Halloween & Vine.

The Halloween Trunk Show number 7 in Denver Colorado 2012

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