Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bindlegrim Halloween Radio

Have you tuned into Bindlegrim Halloween radio lately? Things are really hopping over there as the station fills up with seasonal listeners, and if anyone would like me to purchase more access for free listening, please let me know. As of now there are about 3+ hours of classic old Halloween tunes from the 1920s-1950s featuring jazz, ragtime, big band, and more. But is there even more out there, I keep asking?

As a matter of fact, keeping a strictly on-the-up-and-up policy, the only music I add are tunes that can either be purchased somewhere online, or in one case, made available to the public through restoration projects. That leaves a few I have come across in my internet travels, that I have been unable to find for sell in an online format. And so I thought I would post a few of those here!

Okay, given the multitude of versions for Ol' Man Mose, and (Ol' Man Mose Ain't Dead), I was happy to inlcude some of those already on Bindlegrim radio. But I would really love to include these two selections by Betty Hutton. The first was A Vitaphone Melody Master, presented by Vitaphone, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. announcing "America's No. 1 Jitterbug gives us the lowdown on Ol Man Mose."

Then there is this seeming follow up to the song from One for the Book (1940) where our Cinderalla (send-eralla) tells us Ol Man Mose Ain't Dead.

To add just a couple more, for now, to that list of sad exclusions, here's a couple of fine selections, in this case with  bird themes.

Here's a wonderful tune for all you owl fans: The Night Owl Hoots - 1933 (Cliff Edwards, June Knight and James Dunn sing "Night Owl" from 1933).

And finally, Quoth the Raven - Ella Mae Morse 1944 (Kirby Grant and his Orchestra with Ella Mae Morse and the Mel-Tones, taken from the 1944 movie, Ghost Catchers), from the Vintage Halloween playlist by Carl with Records.

For other songs from the same era, not shown above at least as of this writing, check out Bindlegrim Halloween radio.

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